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This rising artist had an inclination and fondness for art at a very young age which led him to pursue art from Sir JJ School of arts. It not only helped him to perceive art in a new perspective but also was a platform for him to explore and experiment with the beauty of colors and the greys of pencils.

This artist holds his brilliancy in oils on the canvas and watercolors on the pages. He is a real artist who drives his inspiration from landscapes and portraits from his life apart from this he owns a great interest depicting the mythological events and historical studies with in-depth accuracy and realistic depiction of the era.

He portrait craze has often led him to invite the dignitaries for a sitting and also has been invited by many diplomats to see them in different felt hues. One of the most remarkable pieces among his portraits was that of the Indian women president, Smt. Prathibha Devisingh Patil. His mastery in portraits has won him many laurels one among them is the Draper grand award bestowed upon by the Portrait Society of America for his portrait ‘My Wife’ in 2006.


Shri.Elayaraja is one of the fast pacing artists who stunned the audience with the immense skills in oil and inborn talent. S.Elayaraja has breathed life into the objects and people transforming them into extraordinary.

He is realistic oil painter with splashing emotions and expression onto the common people and daily life object with a fair play of light and shadow.

Elayaraja makes effective use of chiaroscuro, the interplay of light and shadow, his detailed depiction of the people their emotions, the drapes of the clothing etc are a result of his keen observation and fundamentals of the stylistic maturity.

S.Elayaraja majorly focuses on the south Indian women, their innocence, their attire and their day to day actions, having a power of keen observation this artist brings out the expression accurately without compromising on losing even a single photon.


Born in the year 1975, Anwar Husain he is an artist who falls under the rare genre who depict their true inner calling through their pieces of art. Excelling in the last 10 years of his painting career he was successful in creating distance base of collectors and art critics who have been following and appreciating his progress.

He is never deprived of inspirations and expressing them freely and thus has worked upon several themes like Indian classical musicians with his signature style of overlapping colors, creating a tonality and movement through lines and textures.

He has also worked on Old mansion of royal heritage, has captured the daily weariness of the people in the city and is always inspired by school going children and village life.

Anwar in his Goa series has successfully portrayed the free flow of life, permanent reality with all colorful strokes and experiences. He uses a color palette that breathes freshness and has a great love for oils and acrylic.

He was awarded the State Award by the government of Maharashtra for the best landscape and much other recognition for his immense love for oils and landscapes.


In the year 1963, Baburao Nadoni was born in Athani, in Belgaum district o Karnataka. He is one of the soaring artists in India today being the fit member of the society.

Baburao Nadoni through his paintings reveals the misfortunes prevailing in the society as a source of awareness to his audience. His works are a composition of societal layer highlighting the dilemmas in the society with his exquisite talent and keen observation.

The medium he strikes with is mainly is oils and dwells a keen knowledge in composition and hand skills. He has been awarded several times for the societal masterpieces he won the S.C.Z.C centre National award in Nagpur.

The government of Karnataka awarded him with Dr. Ambedkar Award and the list goes on. Recently he added a golden feather to his cap by receiving the Lifetime achievement award.


Kindly note, these all artists are just a few there is enormous artist blessed with the true talents, who is your fav? let us know we will try to write about them.

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