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Artist Vijay Achrekar, was born in the city of Mumbai in 1967. He is one of the upcoming contemporary artists that our country is proud to have. 

In 1998, he pursued his diploma in Drawing and painting from the prestigious art college, L.S. Raheja School of art in Mumbai, and was a Gold medallist. He is married to artist Sujata Achrekar and he currently resides and works in Mumbai.

About his artworks:

Sri. Vijay Achrekar has his own style of creating an artwork. His artworks are conventional with a touch of modernisation, that also renders a very smooth and realistic depictions.

Apart from that, he also does marvellous abstract paintings. Sri. Vijay Achrekar’s artworks are mostly focussed on realistic depiction of women. The relaxed and graceful postures are portrayed perfectly despite his dynamic brush strokes.

In the recent years however, one can see a shift from his usual style to the usage of bright hues of the Indian palette. Taking inspiration from the gruesome 26/11 attacks in Mumbai and its aftermath, Sri Vijay Achrekar created artworks keeping in mind the traumatic circumstances post the attacks and came up with a series of paintings of Jesus Christ.

These paintings were critically acclaimed  and stirred the hearts of the viewers.

Words from the artist:

Sri. Vijay Achrekar personally feels that a landscape art cannot be defined. He was once quoted saying that he feels that he can work with ease on any given medium, without inhibitions. As viewers, we can see this expression of his creativity with a flow that is unparalleled.


Sri. Vijay Achrekar has won numerous awards and accolades for his artworks. A list of few of the most important awards are given below:

  • Annual Exhibition Award for landscape – L.S. Raheja School of art, Mumbai in 1985 and 1986
  • Annual exhibition award for portrait -1987
  • Maharashtra Govt. Award for portrait -1987
  • Annual exhibition award for portrait-1988
  • Art Society Of India Award- 1990
  • Art Society Of India Award-1991
  • Art Society Of India Award- 1994
  • Bombay art society award for portrait, Mumbai – 1994
  • Chandrakant Mandare award, Kolhapur in 2006

Selected exhibitions by Vijay Achrekar:

Group exhibitions:

  • Balgandharva art gallery, Pune – 1986
  • Y.B chavan Art Gallery, Mumbai -1994
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai 1997
  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – 1997
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai -1999
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai- 2000
  • Nehru art centre gallery, Mumbai- 2001
  • The Results Gallery -2001
  • Harmony show Mumbai- 2002
  • Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai 2004
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai-2005
  • Nehru centre Camp- 2005
  • Harmony Show- 2005
  • Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru- 2005
  • Legacy Art gallery, Mumbai – 2006
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai -2006
  • Artland- Colors 2006 , 2006
  • Art Fusion show- 2007, Mumbai
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai – 2008
  • Point of view Art gallery, Mumbai- 2009
  • DEEDS public Charitable trust, Mumbai – 2009
  • Art Fusion Show- 2010
  • Ishanya Art centre Pune- 2011
  • The Art Centric space- New Delhi, 2012
  • Indian Oil, Mumbai -2013

Solo shows:

  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai- 1997
  • Crimson art Gallery, Bengaluru- 1997
  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai-2001
  • City Cafe Gallery, Baltimore, USA- 2001
  • City Cafe Gallery, Baltimore, USA- 2001
  • Nehru Art Gallery- 2005
  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai-2006
  • The museum Gallery- 2010
  • Prabhodankar Thakre Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai -2015

Coloring India Foundation is again creating history; As we introduced  Shri. Vasudeo Kamath; Milind Mulick to Bangalore and now we are introducing Sri. Vijay Achrekar to Bangalore art aspirants and creating a chance to learn from him, check out the workshop scheduled.


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