Whenever we think about art, pencil drawings and brushstroke paintings are the first things that come to our mind, but in this new era, there is a much demand for digital art made using digital technologies.

Digital art was present for many years but as the covid pandemic occurred and people were locked inside the house, they started practicing digital art more.

And as in today’s life, almost everything is becoming online and digital-oriented and this is why digital art made using digital technologies is becoming more widely used and accepted!

And don’t think as if creating art in digital format would be less creative, but in fact, creating digital art using digital technologies would provide endless possibilities for creativity!

All you need to know about digital art made using digital technologies:

Digital art can be drawn using a tablet, it can be computer-generated or scanned. And because of digital technology, artists can manipulate the images which they had filmed using a video camera. And because of this, artists got a new kind of freedom of recording film and making video collages.

‘Digital art’ this word was first used in relation to an early computer painting program in the 1960s. Digital art is a way in which you can merge art and technology in a single platform. Digital art made using digital technologies is contemporary art.

Digital art mainly comprises of using digital technology because of which artist can show their creativity of presentation process. Because digital art is made using digital technologies, new forms of art have been introduced such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, these are some new recognized artistic practices.

A Digital artist is one who makes use of digital technologies to create art. Digital art is used by mainstream media and filmmakers to produce visual effects in their recordings.

Digital paintings are the ones that are created in the same way as non-digital paintings, but in this, they are made using software on a computer platform and this is displayed by digitally outputting the resulting digital image as painted on canvas.

And digital art is beneficial because the 2D and 3D digital art made using digital technologies help in the preservation of history which would otherwise have been destroyed by various events like natural disasters, wars, etcetera.

And through digital art social media can be connected on a much deeper level and can be spread through the young generation at a much faster rate and therefore interest in digital art made using digital technologies can be increased.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and digital art made using digital technologies:

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a lot in trend in today’s world. Non-fungible Tokens mean something unique and which cannot be replaced with something else. Each Non-fungible Tokens have their own digital signature and hence, Non-fungible Tokens are impossible to be exchanged for or equal to one another.

And an NFT can be created from digital objects using digital technologies that could represent both tangible and intangible items, which could include art, music, collectibles, etcetera.

And nowadays it’s more about using technology to sell digital art. And NFTs are designed to provide you with something that cannot be copied which is unique and original for you.

In this artists can still retain the rights like copyright and reproduction rights as done with the artworks. And in an NFT, the artist can sign their artwork as they can include their signature in an NFT metadata.


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Artwork credits: Rohan Baikar


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