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Professional Oil Painting Workshops in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
Inspire an Artist in You

Story of Oil Color - Oil Painting Workshops

Story through the layers of oil painting

'Story of Oil Color' is a series of oil painting workshops conducted by a team from Coloring India Foundation with great artists like S.Elayaraja. It is not easy for people to find time taking up oil painting lessons especially when it takes days to learn. This is a platform created for the art lovers to participate and to engage with the professional artists. They will benefit the opportunity to know the professional way of painting and techniques in handling oil paints.

Explore Happiness

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Anthony Robbins


The story of oils is the initiative started by coloring India to make people aware of the importance of oil and realism. It is said, ‘A good beginning has a good end’, but we are aiming for a good beginning with an infinite series of success. We don’t believe in the usual inauguration rather we believe in action & thus we have hunt down the most renowned, talented & a follower of hyper realism who draws his inspirations from life events and oils them with emotions.

The Problem Solvers

The story of Oils follows a different method of teaching where the artist S. Ellayaraja himself is a active tutor imparting his knowledge and experiences to the participants generously. To attend this oil painting workshops one need not be a oil color pro or an artist, we welcome all the art aspirant who aspire to learn, understand and practice the technique and refine their basics through this oil color workshop series.


Coloring India  is like the water droplets which reflects, refracts and disperses  forming an exuberant seven color spread in the blue canvas , the sky. The artists have gathered to not only spread their colors but also explore and help people acknowledge the exploration with their uniquely styled workshops. Now you have an opportunity to learn and explore one of the rare and tough media of art, oil color with expert guidance and excellent learning.

Around India

Coloring India through the oil painting workshops is offering you this outstanding opportunity to learn, acknowledge and understand the technique and behavior of oil colors under the guidance and expert live demo by the veteran oil color artist, S Elayaraja. Story of Oil Color – Oil painting workshops series have successfully conducted in  Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Every good thing is limited and so is this too. 

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