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Fine Arts Gurukul, manages a bunch of fine arts institutes that deliver structured visual art education. Each session has its own character and focus and we are here to provide quality education. Come and learn realistic art with us!

Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Fine arts learning center, offering structured realistic art courses & creative art courses over weekends and weekdays regardless of the fact that you never drew a line. But don’t you worry, we can inspire an artist in you with your dedication and consistency.

Sampratishta School of Fine Arts And Design

Academic fine art & design school made up of students, veteran fine artists, offering providing diploma courses in fine arts. We are diverse, welcoming & passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your fine arts education experience unforgettable.

Pencil And Chai Junior

A juniors art station in Bangalore, Junior Pencil & Chai is a creative platform initiating an urge to think the art way. It is a team of fine artists striving to impart & spread the right art knowledge from the roots. Let’s shape a colorful generation and spread the colors everywhere.

Hues of Watercolor

Hues of watercolor – watercolor painting workshops is an initiative from Coloring India Foundation, composed of creative fine artists, to spread the hues of art amongst the human ecosystem. It is also a tripping workshop, when it comes to art we are nomads who are desired to spread the fever of art in every nook and corner of the universe.

Story of Oil Color

‘Story of Oil Color’ is a series of oil painting workshops conducted by a team from Coloring India Foundation with great artists like S.Elayaraja. This is a platform created for the art lovers to participate and to engage with the professional artists. They will benefit the opportunity to know the professional way of painting and techniques in handling oil paints.

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