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Hues of Watercolor 12th Edition – Watercolour painting workshop 

Watercolour painting workshop series is back with Guru Shri. Milind Mulick. This July is not Holi but Milind Mulick will be spreading the vibrant colors all over Bangalore. And Milind Mulick coming back to Bangalore after his Hampi travel workshop, Hues of Watercolor 8th edition. And we already started missing him for quite long.

An indoor travel watercolour painting workshop

Coloring India Foundation strives hard to have a great fine arts workshop sessions all over India. And this workshop is a mixed feel of indoor painting and outdoor painting. A quick getaway to never seen green belt of Nadhi Village and Doddaballapura. Designed for 2days and we call it “Indoor travel workshop”

2-day Structured Watercolour Painting Workshop

Date: July 29 & 30th ( Saturday & Sunday) 2017

Venue: Rangoli Metro Art Gallery & Doddaballapura [Nadhi Village, near Nandhi Hills]

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

About Milind Mulick

Born in a family who were followers of art, at the early age of 5 he began to showcase his powerful art skills. His hereditarily acquired talent was soon refined and finely shaped in an art which was proved to receive the National Talent Scholarship from the Government. Unaware of the fact that he was born to be a renowned artist, he denied and the scholarship and majored in engineering.

On completion of his studies the artist within him dragged him to the world of art. And creativity since then he is a strong admirer and follower of art without any hesitation.

He proudly owns the experience of excelling the medium which is neither 5 nor 10 years but 22 years of love towards this medium. Milind Mulick is popularly known for his realistic landscape paintings.  His  watercolor painting washes and dabs the canvas to bring out the emotions and expression of his observations, giving life to the painting created.  A great passion towards art has made him one of the most appreciated and world renowned artists existing today.

Hues of Watercolor 12th Edition

The workshops is focusing for 2day engaging session with Milind Mulick and watercolor lovers. A quick interaction session will kick start this remarkable watercolor painting workshop.


An introduction to watercolor painting, a demonstration of Milind Mulick way of watercolor painting. Participants will have the hands-on watercolor painting with the keen assistance of watercolor guru. We are expecting 2 demonstrations and great conversational interaction with Milind Mulick on Day 1, as he always does.


The second day will be more colorful than the first day, rest assured. We are travelling a little early from Bangalore to  Doddaballapura (Nadhi Village). A planned travel will pick you up from the prominent points of Bangalore and will head to location. As an early travel will be recommended and we will start picking you by 6:30 am onwards.

First location: Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple which builds on Early 9th century A.D. 16th century. A best place to have an ancient architectural composition, and yes; you are with Milind Mulick. A great ambience will take you to another world for sure. Yes, your break fast will be served in between.

2nd location: A homemade lunch will be served to please your tastebuds. The 45 minutes lunch break will end by starting our second spot which is a present for art lovers from Coloring India Foundation because we found this spot after a 1000KM travel to several places of Karnataka villages.

This plen-air spot is a composition of water, hill and greenery and yes; lots of fresh air. Feel the village with heart and paint the nature with Milind Mulick.

Watercolour painting workshop package – Hues of Watercolor 12th Edition

INR 7499 and 5% off for only who pre-registered* yet.

* Your registered email ID will be automatically eligible for this offer and you have to redeem this offer before July 10th.

The cost is included for

Your watercolor painting workshop fee for 2day
Transportation from Bangalore to Nadhi Hills and return to Bangalore.(Day 2)
The Art supplies (Please see the breakdowns)
Food expense (2 time snacks for Day 1.  Breakfast, Lunch & snacks for day 2)

Art supplies included for watercolour painting workshop

Paper: Chitrapat Watercolor paper for 3 days – 300 GSM# cold press.
Paper: Cartridge sheets for practice
Palette (have to deposit back): Any palette that has at least 12 wells for color and a large mixing area for big puddles of color
Paint: 12 color professional artist quality watercolor
Value Sketchbook: 5×7 or 6×8 sketchbook for value sketches
Pencil: For value sketches
Supporting pads (have to deposit back)
Quart-size Water container ( But we recommend to carry a rigid water container to avoid disposable plastic)

How to join to watercolour painting workshop?

Press book now button and buy your spot.

(Pre registrants, please use the CODE provided by us on your registered mail for discounts)

Buy your entry ticket for Hues of watercolor 12th edition on

Alternatively, you can
1) Call us on +91-76 76 006 006

2) Email us on learn@rangdebharat.org

3) Tweet: #ColoringIndiaFL

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