Deenanath Dalal a Brief History

Born in the year 1916 Deenanath Dalal was an inevitably talented and born painter and illustrator. “A man paints with his brains and not with hand,” said by Michelangelo stands true for Deenanath Dalal who not only inscribed his success in the world of watercolor and art but also excelled in the land of publishing. A lifetime of experimentation with different media, color pallets and style has gifted him the respect and recognition today. The knowledge that he acquired in the publishing of books and magazine covers is sought after even today.

The vivid pallet of expression 

As an artist, he depicted various aspects of literature mythological events, social issues, history, human emotions and politics in his paintings with finesse outcome. Colors were always his inspiration and motivation; he loved experimenting with the pigments for his paintings. He never restricted himself with just one medium of art but also explored with pen, ink, charcoal and other available mediums.

Apart from sketching the aspects of literature, he is also known for painting the portraits of the famous personalities namely Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Vinoba Bhave being the most eminent his portraits were often categorized into commissioned artworks (where artists are paid to make portraits of a particular or specific individual), Imaginary portraits ( showcase of a pure imaginary individual) and Independent expression ( showcase of the artists free expression in his portraits).

Realization of the Contemporary Values of Art

Deenanath is a classical painter whose paintings are a depiction of his realization of the contemporary values of art and his experience in the medium. His paintings are uniquely composed where the brush is beyond just a mere color carrier but it becomes a tool of an objective composition. He is the pioneer in the world of publishing where he introduced the usage of his painting in book covers and magazines. Apart from the use of his paintings he also often made use of the calligraphic illustration for the books and magazines.

The pursuit of art and business

Deenanath’s strong dedication and passion towards art made him excel not only in the field of painting and art but also in the field of publishing. Though victorious in the field of publishing he had realized the righteousness in pursuing classical art, thus he was enlightened and experienced to distinguish the difference between the pursuit of art and business.

Today where art is hardly recognized and respected Deenanath Dalal was once a source of inspiration for many emerging artists of those times. Success Once where realistic art was a huge in the field of publication and advertising is no longer considered important, Deenanth Dalal is a legendary example of the success and importance of fine arts and realistic painting in publication.

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