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Let’s create the space for Fine Arts together!

Fine Arts Gurukul, “Inspiring an Artist Within” since January 26, 2011. Managed by Experienced Fine Artists with the guidance of India’s veteran artists.

The reason behind starting Fine Arts Gurukul is to provide the right learning for fine arts. Fine Arts Gurukul Art Foundation build by Fine Art Grads who are experienced enough to place Art better than anyone else. We are here to offer best visual art education with years of research and fine-tuning.


Meet our team members, advisers & mentors

Experienced. Eminent. Respected.

Milind Mulick


Milind Mulick, born in a family who were followers of art, at the early age of 5 he began to showcase his powerful art skills. His hereditarily acquired talent was soon refined and finely shaped in the art which was proved while being chosen for the National Talent Scholarship from the Government. Unaware of the fact that he was born to be a renowned artist, he denied the scholarship and majored in engineering. On completion of his studies the artist within him dragged him to the world of art and creativity since then he is a strong admirer and follower of art without any hesitation.
Sadhu Aliyur

Sadhu Aliyur


Sadhu Aliyur, born in 1963 in the abode of scenic beauty and serenity, Kerala, grew into a man building connections emotionally with colors and brushes. The Kerala school Of Arts gave him the virtuous guidance and opportunity to explore his love for the medium. His fine exemplary skills, Perspicacious observation and well furnished aesthetic Knowledge are the exceptional tools he owns which paved the essence of the scene with few strokes. He is the realistic watercolor artists who draw his inspiration from nature, he is dedicated to the howling wind, to the scorching, to the chirping birds and to the sturdy mountains.



S. ELAYARAJA is one of the fast pacing artists who stunned the audience with the immense skills in oil and inborn talent. He has breathed life into the objects and people transforming them into extraordinary. He is realistic oil painter with splashing emotions and expression into the common people and daily life object with a fair play of light and shadow.

Sani Mani


Sani Mani, from Kerala, is a user experience professional and usability practitioner with highest applicational and aesthetic skills. His knowledge and skills are immense and diversified with great experience with various organizations.His artwork is highly influenced by the myriad colors and shades of our country, India. They have been garnering attention and gaining accolades over the years.One of his artworks, based on the ban of Endosulfan in Kerala was circulated widely across Kerala, through the media and web.

Bijay Biswaal


Celebrity artist Bijay Biswaal (52), who hogged the limelight, especially after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his mention in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, a radio programme hosted by Modi himself, has called it a day from Indian Railways, to take art and painting to the grassroots. Biswaal opted for VRS on March 31 after serving railways for 26 years.

Vijay Acherkar


Artist Vijay Achrekar, was born in the city of Mumbai in 1967. He is one of the upcoming contemporary artists that our country is proud to have. He has his own style of creating an artwork. His artworks are conventional with a touch of modernization. As viewers, we can see this expression of his creativity with a flow that is unparalleled.He has won numerous awards and accolades for his artworks.

Rohan Baikar


Rohan Baikar is a fine artist and mentor from Mumbai who is a well-known concept artist.
His work and experiences are immense that he was chosen as the mentor who can help create a successful and creative pathway towards your fine arts career, with his knowledge and skillful techniques.He currently works for QMAX as a Concept artist that mainly focuses on the gaming industry. His past experiences have been with companies like Zynga, Dhruva Interactive.



Kavita is a modern-age fine artist who reinterprets the art of designing as well as keeps the traditional artforms alive. She believes that when your dream and passion go hand in hand, success is the end result.She is also the head designer and founder of Hastavarna Studio, that focuses mainly on the revitalization of traditional designs and textiles with a touch of modernization.She also holds the position of head faculty and a mentor at Pencil and Chai – Junior, art sessions specially built for budding artists.



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We are a team of dedicated Fine Art professionals,
working hard to Inspire & build an Artist in you.

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