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Professional art classes for adults and kids

A great person once said, “Anyone can put paint on a canvas, but only a true master can bring the painting to life”.  Only with professional art classes and highly skilled trainers can a person develop creative problem-solving skills and achieve such greatness in his artwork.
Pencil and Chai Fine Arts Gurukul, Sampratishta School of Fine Arts and Design and Junior Pencil and Chai are institutes that aim at providing professional art classes for adults and kids along with regular professional painting and sketching classes. They not only conduct conventional workshops but also teach many folk-art paintings.

Pencil and Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

To begin with, we have professional sketching classes starting March 8th at our one and only beloved Cubbon park. These professional sketching classes help you interact with nature and also experience some outdoor sketching with our highly skilled teachers. If you need to know more about this course check this page.
There are professional Painting classes like watercolor and acrylic painting classes over the weekdays or weekends. This is a 3-month course that covers topics such as Pencil Sketching of Forms, Design principles, Color Theory, Objects & Elements and more such.
We also have some folk-art professional painting classes which represent the rich heritage, culture, and tradition of India. You can choose to learn either Kalamkari, Madhubani or Gond Art or even a combination of all three. These highly demanded weekend classes start from March 7th. Check these classes for more information here.

Sampratishta School of Fine Arts and Design

Sampratishta offers a wide range of professional art classes for adults where you can specialize in sketching and painting. This is highly effective for those of you looking to pursue higher studies in fine-arts.
Diploma in fine arts is a 6 -month course starting with Fine arts Foundation for 3 months. These are effectively structured professional art classes for adults where the foundation comprises subjects such as Lines, Forms, Shapes, Patterns, Gray Scales and so on. You can get more information here.
Teachers are always there to mend and guide us. We provide structured classes for these teachers and help them become professionals with our Diploma in art Teaching. This is a 6-month course starting March 10th. The curriculum constitutes freehand drawing, doodles, 2D designs, etc. Learn more about this course here.
We also have an upcoming batching starting April for specialization in watercolor painting. This is a 3-month course that covers topics such as Element Study, Color Perspective., Light & Shadow, etc. You can pre-research about the course contents here.

Pencil and Chai Junior

Now, how can we forget our juniors? These are a bunch of most enthusiastic and energetic kids led by our equally enthusiastic and trained teacher, Ms. Kavita Jetti. These kids are also very creative and can create a beautiful painting with a set of paints and brushes.
There are some extensive courses such as pencil sketching, drawings using crayons and color pencils and oil pastels, watercolor painting, folk art paintings such as kalamkari and Madhubani painting, Zentangles, etc. We also conduct one craft session per month. Need more information? Check here.
Apart from the regular art classes for kids, we also have summer art classes coming up which gives you an option to choose amongst 6 days, 4 days or 2 days a week.
For kids, these art classes aid in the early development of their brain cells. The professional art classes for adults, the professional painting classes and the professional sketching classes from Pencil and Chai and Sampratishta, not only give individual attention to students but also helps them to enhance their artistic and creative skills.
Inspiring an Artist within!

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