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Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul
Inspire an Artist in You

Pencil And Chai Fine Arts Gurukul

Love sketching and painting in realistic manner? Pencil & Chai offers 3 months modules over weekends to build an artist in you by step by step.

Got less time? And want to express in fast and furious manner? Well, check out Pencil & Chai's Creative Art Courses, over weekdays & weekends.

Explore Happiness

Fine tune or build an Artist in you!

Simply and effectively,

Start sketching today!

Massive Knowledge Library

We just don’t stick on the regular sessions but reads and discussions.

Great Structure

We mean it, what we are teaching today is the fine tuned version of 6 years effort and experince.

Explore Realistic Art

Still copying a photo from internet? Time to explore the real nature! Step out with us.

Professional Art Courses

Confused of hearing this term? It’s simple; people who teach art should have the great academic base or practice knowledge in fine arts.

Love traditional art?

Our creative painting session is dedicated and enriched with 9 creative painting module, sure you will be liking one!

Finally, express yourself!

There are lots of reasons to learn art but happiness should override all other reasons! Start express yourself today!

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