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Fine Artist & Mentor

Sadhu Aliyur

Specialised In

Watercolor Painting


Landscape Painting

Workshops Completed

6 Editions of Hues of Watercolor

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Words to live by

In his hands nature comes alive in all its richness, textures, hues and forms.


Sadhu Aliyur ‘s finely honed skills, astute observation and refined aesthetic sensibilities help him capture the essence of a scene in a few strokes. He makes the common look uncommon. He transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In his hands nature comes alive in all its richness, textures, hues and forms. With a wash here and a dab there, the overwhelming beauty of the monsoon skies and rain drenched dwellings, are frozen for all time for the eyes of the connoisseur. The dramatic, fluffy, cloud-laden and infinite azure skies, the slanting trees bending in the wind, the bottomless emerald and aquamarine sea, all find expression in breathtaking compositions.

In a world filled with noise, Sadhu Aliyur finds his own unique voice that tells a compelling story.

It’s not surprising that he has been honoured for his talent with awards in Kerala and outside.He has already had over 28 exhibitions and each time he brings a fresh look at his chosen subject and theme.

In fact the Kerala Lalithakala Academy chose Sadhu for this year’s Vijaya Raghavan Gold Medal Endowment.

Sadhu Aliyur has also been recognized abroad. The Turkey International Water Colour Society recently honoured Shri Sadhu Aliyur for his contributions.

Sadhu Aliyur ‘s paintings find a place of honour amongst the work of well-known water colour artists from over 50 nations worldwide, and also find pride of place in the art collections of many in India and abroad.

Now you too can get a taste of some of Shri Sadhu Aliyur’s best works – sourced from several inter-state exhibitions and camps.

Join for his structured workshops & enjoy the magic wands on live.Don’t miss this opportunity to feast your senses on one of the modern-day masters of water color and immerse yourself in his magical water world.

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