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Pencil And Chai Junior
Inspire an Artist in You

Junior Pencil And Chai

Harmony In Creativity

Junior Pencil And Chai is a creative platform initiating an urge to think the art way. It is a team of fine artists striving to impart and spread art knowledge from the roots, let’s shape a colorful generation and spread the colors everywhere.

 Age Group (5-14)

Wed & Fri: 5-6 PM
Tue & Thu: 4-5 PM & 5-6 PM
Sat & Sun: 9-10, 10-11 AM, 4-5 PM & 5-6 PM

Explore Happiness

A Right Creative Path For Our Junior Art Toddlers

Structured Classes

9 years of expertise in teaching, we have done lots of experiments in our syllabus and making sure it is the best one.

Learning is Fun

Our first motive to encourage the art skills in Juniors. They are already in pressure as per our education system, so why pressuring again?

No print outs, no copy

We got skilled, demonstrations and paintings done by our faculties and we hate copy and printouts as others does.

Limited Group

We allow maximum only 15 students to a batch, we have divided the batches as per the age group and kids performance. Let’s have quality education.

Step by Step

Learning art in unorthodox manner? Well, it’s works! We focus on academic structure of fine arts by depending an unorthodox method.

Finally, express it!

There are lots of reasons to learn art but happiness should override all other reasons. Start helping to express their imagination! Build the future artist’s today!

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