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Art is an inseparable part of our lives since time immemorial, and fine arts and visual arts are a major part of the art! Art is a program in which it combines creativity, innovation and talent, in art you don’t have to mug up things but just use your skills to create artistic works and products.

Art cannot be completed without fine arts and visual arts but there is a difference between both of them!

The most major difference between fine arts and visual arts is that fine arts include a broad category of artwork that are not created for its functional value but majorly because of it’s aesthetic value and beauty!

While the visual arts is a kind of art that is a creative art and are intended to be appreciated by sight, that is, primarily it is visual!

Before getting into all the differences between fine art and visual arts, let’s first discuss each of them individually!

What is Fine Arts?

Fine arts is not much created for its utilitarian value but because of its aesthetic value and its beauty. Fine arts mainly include the art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

The major concept behind fine arts is that it’s done for the sake of art and not for money, and this is mainly undertaken by a person because it provides love and joy to the practitioner.

And during the 17th century, the thinking that led. The development of fine arts was that there was a line of thinking that art was majorly for enjoyment and creative pleasure. It means it’s a kind of art form which is pleasing to the eyes.

What are Visual Arts?

The creative art whose products are to be appreciated by sight is known as visual arts. These are the art forms that are usually primarily visual.

And as there is no clear list of the art forms that belong to the visual arts and many artistic disciplines are ones that include visual arts, a few of them are drawing, painting, ceramic art, design, crafts, sculpting, printmaking, photography, video and architecture.

The other thing which can also be included as visual arts is applied arts like industrial design, interior design, graphic design and fashion design. And to not forget, computer-based technology have played a great role in visual arts!

Difference between Fine arts and Visual arts:

Fine arts and Visual data are mistaken as one a lot many times! But Fine arts and Visual arts have some major differences!

Fine arts, this concept was introduced mainly because it was used to differentiate the useful artwork and the ones which are just pleasing to the eyes or senses.

Any of the activity or artwork which is for joy and pleasure and majorly is aesthetically pleasing was considered in the category of fine arts!

On the other hand, Visual arts was the kind of art that was reserved for all the kinds of art forms which we could see.

Fine arts is different from applied arts and decorative arts as they are aesthetically pleasing and have a functional value. Whereas in Visual arts, it can have both the decorative as well as applied arts!

Fine arts mainly comprise of the artwork which is specifically designed or done so that beauty of Mother Nature can be enjoyed. And in ancient times, it was mainly regarded as the art of aesthetics.

And on the other hand, Visual arts is considered as a type of art where fashion is usually combined with work and it’s mainly visual i

Examples of fine arts and visual arts, fine arts include painting and sculptures whereas visual arts comprise film making, photography, painting, ceramics and structural designing.

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Artwork Credit: Artist Kavitha Jetti

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