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Teaching should be a passion as a teacher is the one who has the power of transforming souls and they positively touch someone’s life.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions there on the Earth as it deals with life-changing and destiny-changing powers.

They are the ones who carve and design the raw materials, that is, children to make their future bright. Teaching should be a passion as teachers are the pillars of society as they educate and mould the future citizens of the country.

In teaching, motivating and exciting students for all the good work is the key! Therefore, teaching should be a passion!

In teaching, there is a caring relationship but at the core of it, there are positive and high expectations from the students as they structure and guide their behaviour.

Teachers also impose challenges on the students which children can complete and would also boost their confidence.

The influence of the teachers doesn’t remain for a limited period, that is, till the time the teacher is there but it’s a blessing for a lifetime! And that is why teaching should be a passion!

Why teaching should be a passion in today’s world?

The dynamics of teaching have changed since the ancient period and it keeps changing periodically. As in this world of ever-evolving technology and inventions, teachers have to cope up with all the new findings and sometimes get acquaint with it too!

In today’s globalized world, the work of the teachers also has changed to a multi-faceted role. Teachers are expected to be dynamic in many fields.

Teaching should be a passion as a good teacher inspires students. And a teacher is capable of dispelling all the clouds of ignorance and gaps in the knowledge book of children and bring all the motivation and excitement as well as lighting the spark of knowledge in them!

Teaching should be a passion as it awakens the natural curiosity of the students about what they are studying so that these doubts can be resolved at a later stage.

Teaching has the power to redefine the life of children. Teachers use the most simple of tools like articles, games and various examples to teach the most complicated lessons.

Teaching is a field that requires various aspects like creativity, innovation, passion, intellect, love of the subject and children.

Good teachers know that learning never stops, they keep learning from the day they start teaching to the day they retire and even after that! Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about the reason.

Characteristics that must be present in a passionate teacher:

  • Emotional characteristics: When it comes to emotions, they are important in teaching in personal as well as professional aspects. As emotions help in making conclusive decisions.

When it’s a professional process, good emotional understanding is important. Personal background, career and external factors are the ones that influence emotional and scientific health. And teaching emotional health is very important.

  • Moral values: Effective teachers have some important features such as moral values. Teaching should be a passion as then the teachers would take the need for the knowledge and moral circumstances into account as nature of teaching.
  • Relationship to students: Teaching should be a passion as all excellent teachers have a passionate desire for student achievement.

And this would only be obtained when they ensure classroom environment, temperament, patience, empathy and the trust of the students.

A passionate teacher would always invite and encourage students to take part in teaching and make them achieve their goals.

Teaching should be a passion as only them the education move from the imposition of facts to the exploration of truth! Without a teacher, a student won’t get the right guidance and path! Teacher plays a crucial role in our lives!

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