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Why is sketching known as the fundamentals of painting?

Sketching can be defined as the initial visualization of the future masterpiece. Which gives an idea to the artist about the right perspective, composition and balance. It has proven to be an incredibly import aspect of art history. It forms the first stage of the visual representation of the human brain imagination.

Role of Sketching:

Sketching from the base of any great work of art, it gives foundation, structure and context for the painting to be developed. Every artist is known to sketch a line, scribbles, doodles etc as the initial visualization process.

  1. It forms the key element in the life of an artist without which he fails to express the depth of his emotions through the final artwork.
  2. The artist can finalize the compositions after a series of initial sketches and visualize the final outcome of the paintings.
  3. It helps the artist to be expressive and get the initial ideas which is later molded into a expert piece of work.

Sketching and inspiration:

An artist finds inspiration in anything and everything that catches his eyes, thus carrying his portable sketch book to capture the realistic view of the scenario.It helps to find the most suitable format for the composition, contemplate errors and modifications. It also examines the reality into simplified shapes and add value to the same. Interestingly it is not confined to any specific art tool. It gives the artist choice of using pen, pencil, charcoal etc.

Sketching evokes thought process:

Sketching is the stage where the thought process is made real. The artist spends his own time making modifications to portray his thought process on to the paper precisely without compromising expression. The marks, lines and contours created during the process  reveal their own language, emotion, expression and ambiguity.

Importance of sketching:

It is important for an artist or an art lover to realize its importance while painting as it initiates the creative thoughts.It triggers observational skills and helps in composing the visual artwork irrespective of the medium, perfect.The processed sketching gets hidden beneath the layer of paints but it serves the purpose and style.It not only helps in internalizing the scene but also restricts the eagerness of the artist to jump into the brilliancy of colors. It is the paramount stage that leads to initiation of color defining the sketches developed.

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