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The Famous Indian Oil Painting Artists

Oil painting is the medium less followed compared to watercolors. The pigments used in oil paintings are suspended in oils and take a longer period of time to dry. It allows the artist to make changes in the painting by peeling of the unwanted portion. This type of painting is a series of layers and it is necessary to keep notice of the amount of oil in each layer. The process needs excellent skills and practice to get the art piece right. Oil paintings require years of experience to excel. Some of the famous Indian oil painting artists who excelled remarkably are still inspiring the artists today.


He is one of the most popular and skilled legends in the world of Indian art. Born in a creativity dwelled family his inclination for art was not astonishing. Young Raja Ravi Verma was encouraged by his uncle to pursue and learn art. This led him to excel art in the very early age. He soon emerged as one of the classical painters under the guidance of famous artist. Oil painting was introduced during this era and the technique of using the oil pigments was only known to one person, Ramaswamy Naicker refused to impart the knowledge to Ravi Verma. He received the learning from Naicker’s student which was supplemented with some more knowledge by the Dutch artist Theodre. Raja Ravi Verma later developed great interest in excelling the medium himself with strong will and dedication. He was inspired by Indian literature painted events from Mahabharata and Ramayana.

His true spirit  and his indigenous creativity influenced him to develop an interest in other subjects without restricting himself to the Indian literature.The year 1873 was marked as the beginning of his victory; he won the first prize in Madras painting exhibition. Later in1883 he was bestowed with three gold medals at the world Columbian exposition and since then the accomplishments were many. In 2013 the crater on Mercury was named after this great Indian painter.


He is one of the famous Indian oil painting artists who has hands  in almost all medium-pencil, charcoal, watercolors etc. For 9 years he studied art in Chitra Mandir under the guidance of his teacher Shri K B Kulkarni. He owned an exceptional grasp of lines, contours, light and shadow, forms and tones and tints. John Fernandes painted whatever interested him including figures, landscapes, still life etc. He was a thirsty art wanderer in search of inspiration. The inspired subject was showcased in varied mediums with exquisite appeal and extraordinary skill. John Fernandes paintings were encased with astonishing skills, the alluring female form, rendered with dedication and sensitivity. The paintings of women enthralled the audience by the provocative appeal and yet reveal the innocence of the women in his figurative paintings. John owned a remarkable discipline and confidence in handling his subjects and mediums which revealed his signature style.


Born in Kolapur, Maharastra, this eminent artist acquired his training from Sir J.J. school of Arts under the guidance of Captain Goldstone Solomon who taught him new perception. His involvement in the European environment resulted in the usage of bold, modernized figure drawings and application of million tones to define his style. His oils grabs the attention of the audience with their strong imagery and often holds a slight edge of jeopardy. He owned a great skill in imparting a great sweep of protagonist to the women ranging from exotic nudes, to powerful women and meditative figures. Nageshkar digs deep into the souls of his subjects and celebrates them for their presence in his life. His finesse work and inborn talents draws attention of every passerby. In spite of using varied themes and menace images the artist authoritatively owns his own signature style.


Born in the year 1907 this artist is known for his marvelous composition of oils and pastels. He created with keen observation animated by the lively vision capturing the moments filled with expression and emotions. Vasanth amberkar is defined for his strong expressionist nature with defined figuration and brilliant compositional values. He brought out the Indian essence of aesthetics with his powerful brush strokes and smudged color grounds. Vasanth Amberkar followed a unique style of smudging the background and the hinter ground contoured with volumes of ground color which seemed to be in a internalized movement. His portraits are uniquely composed in oils. It  highlights the features on strong textured surface where the brush stokes run over one another and in layers.

In the year 1979 he was awarded a fellowship of the Lalit Kala Academy, his life as an artist was a world full of colors, tones, volumes, contracts, line and shape which provided him the creative space to run his brushes on to the canvas according to his will and expression.

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