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We have been receiving an overwhelming response from the viewers for the Story of Oil colors, the Oil painting workshop.

But the same time, we also want to inform the beginners about oil painting and the basic supplies that you would require before you start off with Story of oil Color 4th Edition.

Most of us are accustomed with the usage of acrylic and watercolors for paintings. But let’s try it this time with oil colors. Oil colors or oil paints are wonderful and highly pigmented paints that can enhance your paintings and artwork.

Few of us are not aware of the supplies that are required, the differences between the mediums , techniques, etc which has held us back by not letting us try oil painting out , yet.

To begin with the basics, let us run you through the basic set of supplies that you need before you start using oil paints for oil painting.

1) The Oil paints :

The basic supply that anyone is going to need before starting an oil painting is a set of oil colors. Get artist grade quality for best results. The student grade quality is cost efficient with lesser pigmentation but more difficult for oil painting.

Oil paints can be of two types:

One that is soluble in water, and the other that is insoluble in water and needs turpentine as a thinner.

Coming to the brand aspect, look out for artist quality oil colors and choose the pigments that you need for your painting.

One important thing to be noted here is, even a bunch of paints with better quality can give you best results than a set of cheap oil paints.

2) The choice of colors:

As a beginner to oil painting, start out by buying limited colours. Primary colours Blue, red and yellow along with white should suffice.

These colors when mixed can provide secondary colours. Also, you will be saving up a lot of money and ending up with enough colors for your oil painting.

Choose primary colors that are not too opaque. More transparent colors are desirable as they can be mixed easily with other oil paints.

One option of limited palette to start: Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow Light. Like almost any oil painting palette, these are used along with white, usually Titanium (opaque) or Titanium-Zinc (less opaque) White.

But if you attending Story of oil color – oil painting workshop then we advice you to get a 12 color camlin 9ml set.

3) Brushes for Oil painting:

There are plenty of brushes in many sizes, prices and their usages. Synthetic brushes are cheaper, but they tend to lose out shape and are less durable than the natural brushes.

A set of 3 brushes: a big, medium and a small one are enough for beginners to start with oil painting. Also, brushes with long handles are better for oil painting.

Keep your brushes in good shape after every session of painting. Make sure you rinse them and lay them flat to dry in air .

This brush set is good since it has got round and flat but you can save your investment by choosing this synthetic brush set 

4) Oil painting supports:

Canvas and boards are mostly used for oil paintings. Papers are not generally preferred as they may need the surface to be sealed, and may rot if not done properly.

Canvases are cheaper and a good option for oil painting. Quality canvases that are primed for oils or acrylic can be chosen.

Use this canvas board for Story of oil color workshop

5) Palette for mixing:


A palette to mix your oil paints is required for all beginners. Your palette can be made out of plastic, wood, paper, etc,.

Non porous surfaces are easier to clean after an oil painting session. Disposable paper palettes are even more convenient.  Also, using a palette knife is beneficial for mixing.

6) A setup for oil painting :

It is necessary to have a good setup where you can paint with ease. It can either be with the horizontal support of your table, or with the canvas on an easel that is parallel to your view. Few easels are inexpensive and can be bought from art supply stores easily.  Also, Table top easels allow you to sit and paint with an ease of comfort.

7) Paint thinners for Oil painting:

For acrylic colors and watercolors, Water is the thinner that is being used to thin the paints. For oil painting, you require turpentine oil or linseed oil that thins down these oil colors.

 These can also be used to clean the brushes after every oil painting session. Odorless turpentine oils are also available that are mostly preferred for oil painting.  As mentioned in the first requirement, oil paints can also be water soluble and they can use water as a thinner.

8) Fat over Lean rule in Oil painting:

This rule in Oil painting basically tells us that we must first, start painting with thin paint that is thinned with turpentine and layers after with less thinned paint.

This is done because oil paint tends to crack after drying. Linseed oil is an important component used in Oil painting.

It is already present in most of the oil paints and can be applied to the final layers. Excess application of linseed oil can increase the flow, transparency and gloss of your oil paints. It can also slow down the drying time of your painting.

9) Cleaning of brushes after oil painting :

Wipe away all the excess paints after painting using a paper towel or rag cloth. Squeeze the bristles to drain out paint as much as you can and dip them in the thinner to clean them.  

A mild soap can also help you clean the brushes by making a foam and rinsing until the water runs clear. Squeeze out all the water and reshape the bristles and air dry them on a flat surface.   

10) Your choice of Clothing for oil painting :

Wearing old clothes is preferable on your tryst with Oil painting. You are more likely to get paint on your clothes. It is also preferable to wear thin gloves , as these paints are loaded with toxic chemicals.

Lastly, set your mind free without any fears and choose a subject that you want to paint. Enjoy the experience of Oil painting and have fun in the process.

So hope you got an idea about the materials and www.colorinstudio.com is helping you to get the kit for Story of Oil Color oil Paint workshop; choose the kit and they will  deliver at workshop place.



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