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On Monday 7th June 2021 the world lost a gem as the COVID-19 pandemic took away the life of renowned realistic artist  Elayaraja. Born in the small village of Sembiyavarambil in Tamil Naidu S. Elayaraja’s work is considered among the finest pieces of realistic art in contemporary India today.Realistic art is a hard form of art to perfect but our Mentor S.Elayaraja put his heart in every art piece to nail each shade and stroke of the painting.

He is the recipient of numerous national and state level awards which fall short to describe his startling talent. In the following blog I will be remembering our beloved Elayaraja sir by showing his unparalleled contribution to Indian Fine Arts segment. Let us also recollect and cherish his prolonged association with Rang De Bharat. 

Artist Elayaraja’s is famous for his meticulous details in his painting which are mistaken as photographs. Being born in a joint family his main inspiration was drawn from it which later turned out to be identity.  

He grew up mostly with women around his house as his elder brother departed abroad in search of livelihood. This early association with women exposed him to their unfiltered emotions which reflect in his paintings. Dravidian women along with various elements of their life, tradition and culture are painted by him with intricate details in the most realistic form. 

Artist Elayaraja’s talent was identified by his schoolteacher until then he practiced on his own starting from drawing wheels to painting people and deities. Later he gained formal education in art from government collage of arts and crafts and then secured a master’s from Chennai’s government college of fine arts. 

 His work attracted enormous attention when he visited the United States with his professors and fellow mates as a part of his college trip. He has been awarded the Lalit Kala Akademi fellowship by the state government. His contribution to art is just not the medals and honours he received but the real treasure are the immortal paintings which will speak his thoughts forever even in his absence.

The sight of  women performing daily chores may normally seem very mundane to our eyes, but Elayaraja’s work which is an amalgamation of delightful hues and fine nuances possess the ability to captivate you in awe. 

His long-term association with our foundation Rang De Bharat has been an unforgettable journey. His contribution by imparting his scholarly knowledge to our students here can never be thanked enough. He has been an integral part of Rang De Bharat providing the much-needed professional guidance. He has conducted series of painting workshops in the name “Stories of oil Colours” in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.

 His oil painting workshops have greatly helped students in unleashing their true potential. His courses have also been recorded in the form of online learning tools as this will aid us to spread his knowledge and guidance in his absence. His life- like painting demonstrations during class hours have been cemented our minds leaving a mark forever. 

Death is the most uncertain event in one’s life, but we must keep moving. Artist Elayaraja’s absence is not only a huge loss to our organisation but to the whole Indian fine arts fraternity. Great people are not born but are made from the willpower to create their own destiny and Shri Elayaraja was one of those remarkable self-made artists.

His contributions will never be forgotten but only highlighted in the history of Indian fins arts. Sir you shall always remain in our hearts as a Guru. We hope your soul rests in peace. 

To start your artistic journey with late Shri Elayaraja’s tutorials these courses may help you.

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