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Hues of Watercolor 7th Edition – 2day Watercolor painting workshop – Watercolor  painting workshop in Hyderabad

About Sadhu Aliyur


Hues of Watercolor 7th edition by Sadhu Aliyur
3day exhibition of exclusive painting & 2day workshop

The Exhibition [July 30-31 & Aug 1; 10:30am – 4pm] ————————–—————–

His finely honed skills, astute observation and refined aesthetic sensibilities help him capture the essence of a scene in a few strokes. He makes the common look uncommon. He transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.
In his hands nature comes alive in all its richness, textures, hues and forms. With a wash here and a dab there, the overwhelming beauty of the monsoon skies and rain drenched dwellings, are frozen for all time for the eyes of the connoisseur. The dramatic, fluffy, cloud-laden and infinite azure skies, the slanting trees bending in the wind, the bottomless emerald and aquamarine sea, all find expression in breathtaking compositions.
In a world filled with noise, Sadhu Aliyur finds his own unique voice that tells a compelling story.

It’s not surprising that the Sadhu has been honoured for his talent with awards in Kerala and outside. He has already had over 34 exhibitions and each time he brings a fresh look at his chosen subject and theme.
In fact the Kerala Lalithakala Academy chose Sadhu for this year’s Vijaya Raghavan Gold Medal Endowment.

He has also been recognized abroad. The Turkey International Water Colour Society recently honoured Shri Sadhu Aliyur for his contributions.
His paintings find a place of honour amongst the work of well-known water colour artists from over 50 nations worldwide, and also find pride of place in the art collections of many in India and abroad.
Now you too can get a taste of some of Shri Sadhu Aliyur’s best works – sourced from several inter-state exhibitions and camps.
Thirty of his new creations will be exhibited at the STATE ART GALLERY, MADHAPUR, HYDERABAD FROM JULY 30TH TO 1ST AUGUST. Don’t miss this opportunity to feast your senses on one of the modern-day masters of water colour and immerse yourself in his magical water world.
The workshop* [July 30-31; 10:30am – 4pm] –
*Pre- Regsitration required

Join for this structured watercolor painting workshop in Hyderabad & enjoy the magic wands in live.

About watercolor painting workshop

Watercolor painting is considered as a master medium. On that point is something about watercolor that attracts everyone’s wide interest. The watercolor painting can serve the magic from spilled wet wash to detailed dry brush effect which no other medium can.

Artists put his emotions into the painting where the pigments of watercolor play its major role in delivers the output. In Hues of watercolor 7 the structured watercolor workshop, the artist puts his thoughts on ‘Why Watercolor?’ through his demos with the landscapes, Still life & portrait.

Watercolor is such a medium, which may appear simple in execution; but, the same take years to be perfect.

This is a 2-day watercolor workshop will be apt for beginners – Intermediate watercolor enthusiasts.  Lessons & exercises are designed to expand and improve watercolor painting skills. Watercolorists  will be encouraged to become more “intuitive” when applying a brush to paper.

Come prepared for this watercolor workshop to be nudged out of your “comfort zone”.

Mornings will begin with a demo followed by discussion and exercise. 1 hour break for lunch.

What you bring home from this Watercolor  painting workshop – watercolor painting workshop in Hyderabad

Shri. Sadhu Aliyur’s down to earth teaching method will take through another level of watercolor learning & it will be the  full of light and inspiration. Watercolorists with plenty of notes and practice later in the year. For all of us, a lot of enthusiasm and motivation, special memories and the addresses of new friends.

Material & Equipment list & Fees: Art workshops in Hyderabad

We are having 2 package which is with materials & without materials options

Package 1 – with Materials – 4750/-


  • Paper: Chitrapat  Watercolor paper for 2 days – 300# cold press.
  • Paper: Cartridge sheets for practice
  • Palette (have to deposit back) :  Any palette that has at least 12 wells for color and a large mixing area for big puddles of color
  • Paint:  12 color professional artist quality watercolor
  • Value Sketchbook: 5×7 or 6×8 sketchbook for  value sketches
  • Pencil: For  value sketches
  • Tissues
  • Supporting pads
  • Quart-size Water container

Not Included

  • Brushes
  • Low-tac painter’s tapes
  • Lunch

Package 1 – without Materials – 3950/-


  • Value Sketchbook: 5×7 or 6×8 sketchbook for  value sketches
  • Pencil: For  value sketches
  • Tissues
  • Supporting pads
  • Quart-size Water container

Not Included

  • Brushes
  • Artist watercolors
  • Papers
  • Palette
  • Low-tac painter’s tapes
  • Lunch

Other recommended items : watercolor painting workshop in Hyderabad

  • Brushes:  We will be working with 1″ flat wash and Rounds # 8, #12, #16, plus a #2 Liner or “rigger”.
  • Soft eraser
  • low-tac painter’s tape 1/2″
  • Roll Paper Towels

Dates:  July 30th and 31st (Saturday and Sunday) – Art workshops in Hyderabad

Venue: State Gallery of Arts –
Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

How to join? – watercolor painting workshop in Hyderabad

Pre-register now – http://goo.gl/05uLgm

Buy your entry ticket for Hues of watercolor 7th editionon



You all suggested submitting some artwork along with pre-registration if you have any

For more info call now on –  7676-006-006

Alternatively, you can

  1. Email us on events@coloringindia.com
  2. Tweet: ColoringIndia

Read more about Shri Sadhu Aliyur Here



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