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3-day Structured Travel Watercolor  Painting  Workshop

Format – Travel Watercolor Painting Workshop – Coloring India Foundation

Fee  –  16500/-

Date: December 24-25-26 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) 2016

Venue: Mahe, Kerala

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

About the Travel Watercolor Painting Workshop – (Hues of watercolor

10th Edition; that is a milestone so we decide to celebrate it in a manner that it always there in your hearts.

3-day workshop programme.

Unlike our other workshops, we have designed this workshop in such a manner that Fine Artist’s Connects their Dots with traditional arts & nature. Excited to know more? scroll down for the detailed plan!

What next?

Block your spots here and reach Mahe, the team will be waiting for you there with exciting agendas.


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theyyam_coloring_india_hues_of_watercolorTravel Watercolor painting workshop

10th Edition; that is a milestone so we decide to celebrate it in a manner that it always there in your hearts.

But how?

That thought landed in beautiful Mahe in the State of KeralaMahé district is one of the four districts of the union Territory of Puducherry in India; not only that, it is our renowned artist Shri.Sadhu Aliyur’s place also.!

A fully organized Travel Watercolor painting workshop is the milestone gift for the art lovers from Coloring India, close 2016 with sweet memories in your canvas as well as in hearts.

3 day Travel Watercolor painting workshop programme.

December 24-25-26 2016 which are their dates you need to block; we will kickstart the workshop on 24th at Sahdu Aliyur’s studio and will spread out the beautiful spots around Mahe & Kannur.

Unlike our other workshops, we have designed this workshop in such a manner that, Fine Artist’s Connects their Dots with traditional arts & nature.

Excited to know more? scroll down for the detailed plan!  

This, 3-day travel watercolor workshop will be good for beginners, Intermediate & advanced watercolor enthusiasts. Lessons & exercises are designed to expand and improve watercolor painting skills.

What next? 

Block your spots here and reach Mahe, Kerala; the team will be waiting for you there with exciting agendas.

What you bring home from this Travel Watercolor painting  workshop:

Shri. Sadhu Aliyur’s down to earth teaching method will take another level of watercolor learning & it will be the full of light and inspiration.It is an opportunity to feast your senses on one of the modern-day masters of watercolour and immerse yourself in his magical water world with a travel experience.

DAY – 1

December – 24 -Travel Watercolor painting workshop

studio_sadhu_aliyur_coloring_indiaStart your first day after a delicious homemade breakfast, the venue is Sadhu Aliyur’s studio – Mahe.

He will take you through his artworks, we will have a quick intro and understanding your expectations from this Watercolor painting workshop.

A demo indeed before he breaking down watercolor fundamentals.

Your Exercise 

Fine-tune your approach to watercolor, Sadhu Aliyur will be quickly going through the important part of the watercolor painting, where you need to focus.

Your delicious lunch will be served

And till evening break we will break down the fundamentals mixed up with practice.

Highlight of the day

An evening with the veteran artist – Sharath Chandran, through his works, through his life & get inspired.

The day will wind up with, homemade dinner and back to your rooms.

Remember – your next day will start quite early surprisingly by 7AM.

DAY – 2

December – 25 – Travel Watercolor painting workshop

#HuesofWatercolor 10th edition is not your regular Watercolor painting workshop it has more dimensions than you think.mahe-walkway_coloring-india

We told you today we are going to start 7 am, but why so early?

Your Exercise 

The morning session with a demo scheduled at sea walkway, if you want to grab the real beauty of sea then, you have to be early there.

Your breakfast will be served at the location because we never let you waste your productive time.

As soon as you have done with your practice which is demo followed by Sadhu sir; we will shift the location to “Dharmmadam Beach”

It is a beautiful place which has an island if you are not in a mood to paint then just go around and click photos and enjoy the sea.

Time for your delicious lunch!

Since you have started early, please take rest 30minutes before the highlight of the day.

Highlight of the day

Introducing  Theyyam is a popular ritual form of worship of North Malabar, Kerala. This evening we have arranged Theyyam performance for you at “Craft Village”  the Kerala Arts & Crafts village in Kerala is an initiative by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala.

Explore this beautiful place with the Theyyam performance and have your dinner.

Back to rooms with the memories of the blissful day.

Remember – your next day excitement is waiting little far so we need to head to 7AM.

We hope this is not tiring because let’s utilize the moments as much as possible


DAY – 3

December – 26 – Travel Watercolor painting workshop

palakkayam-thattu thought to take you to a hill station called  Palakkaym Thattu which is nearby

The key is reaching early and enjoy the views, oh what? What about painting then?

Don’t worry. Coloring India always got your back, we are carrying the demo set too.

Your Exercise 

Inspire from Pleinair, nature is ready with the subject, are you ready to spread the colors?

Your delicious lunch will be served

Approx travel time to this spot is 2hr from Mahe. So, we may need to utilize this place as much as we can.

Highlight of the day

The hill view is the highlight, this place is not there in the mainstream tourist point but coming to limelight nowadays. Since we are here on Monday not expecting any regular crowd.

You might be tired after this 3-day creativity filled days, need rest? sleep well.

Well, today is the last day of your workshop schedule but if you want to stay back and explore Mahe/Kannur, then the recommended placed are:

Dharmadam Island at Thalassery, KannurMuzhappilangad BeachSt. Angelo Fort or Kannur Fort, KannurEzhimala Beach (Kannur, India): Address, Attraction ReviewsThottada Beach (India): Address, Top-Rated Attraction ReviewsPaithalmalaAralam Wildlife SanctuaryTellicherry FortMeenkunnu Beach (Kannur, India): Address, Attraction Reviews – TripAdvisor



His finely honed skills, astute observation, and refined aesthetic sensibilities help him capture the essence of a scene in a coloring-indias-hues-of-watercolor-10-at-mahe-webfew strokes. He makes the common look uncommon. He transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In his hands, nature comes alive in all its richness, textures, hues and forms. With a wash here and a dab there, the overwhelming beauty of the monsoon skies and rain drenched dwellings, are frozen for all time for the eyes of the connoisseur. The dramatic, fluffy, cloud-laden and infinite azure skies, the slanting trees bending in the wind, the bottomless emerald, and aquamarine sea, all find expression in breathtaking compositions.
In a world filled with noise, Sadhu Aliyur finds his own unique voice that tells a compelling story.

It’s not surprising that the Sadhu has been honored for his talent with awards in Kerala and outside. He has already had over 28 exhibitions and each time he brings a fresh look at his chosen subject and theme.
In fact, the Kerala Lalithakala Academy chose Sadhu for this year’s Vijaya Raghavan Gold Medal Endowment.

He has also been recognized abroad. The Turkey International Water Colour Society recently honored Shri Sadhu Aliyur for his contributions.

His paintings find a place of honor amongst the work of well-known watercolor artists from over 50 nations worldwide, and also find pride of place in the art collections of many in India and abroad.
Now you too can get a taste of some of Shri Sadhu Aliyur’s best works – sourced from several inter-state exhibitions and camps.

His new creations will be exhibited at the same place from 20th to 26th October. Don’t miss this opportunity to feast your senses on one of the modern-day masters of watercolor and immerse yourself in his magical water world.

Join for this structured workshop & enjoy the magic wands on life.

Read more about Shri Sadhu Aliyur Here




  • Fee for 3day Travel Watercolor painting workshop
  • Your stay in Mahe 2/3 sharing A/c accommodation for 4nights ( 23,24, 25 & 26)
  • 3day breakfast, 3day Lunch, 3day Dinner & evening snacks
  • Local transportation to destinations as per the schedule
  • Art materials

Art supplies


  • 1 Paper block: Chitrapat  Watercolor paper block (25 sheets) – 270GSM handmade
  • Papers: Cartridge sheets for practice for 3 days
  • Palette (have to return back) :  Any palette that has at least 12 wells for color and a large mixing area for big puddles of color
  • Paint:  12 color professional artist quality watercolor
  • Value Sketchbook: 5×7 or 6×8 sketchbook for  value sketches
  • Pencil: For value sketches
  • Tissues
  • Quart-size Water container

Not Included

  • Brushes
  • Easel stands (please carry your adjustable ones)
  • Low-tac painter’s tapes
  • Your transportation to Mahe from Bangalore/any


mahe_coloring_indiaFormerly a part of Kerala, it is today a union territory. The picturesque little town with a French flavor, originally called Mayyazhi, was renamed Mahe after the Frenchman who captured it. Mahe has situated about 10 km from Thalassery in Kannur. It lies south of Mahe River near where the river meets the sea.

Secluded and palm-fringed natural beauty Mahe beach is renowned for amazingly spectacular and picture-perfect skylines of rising and setting the sun. Tourist can choose for a long walk on soft sand or enjoy lazing on sea under the warm sun when not swimming at Mahe beach.

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Thalassery, about 10 km

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 87 km


Lattitude:11.689894, Longitude: 75.550003

Photo Credits Surendhar MudaliarShinihas


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