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 Hues of Watercolor 9- Watercolor painting workshop in Bangalore

Watercolor painting workshop in Bangalore by Sadhu Aliyur; because we all love watercolor painting. It is such delicious stuff. But, drawing/sketching is the base of all painting. In that respect is very less artist who doesn’t acknowledge the importance of drawing in their work.

Learning Drawing

Learning Drawing gives you so many more alternatives as you go forward to produce and begin evolving your style in the painting. When you are painting, you can draw a whole object with only a few deft brush strokes. Painting takes the foundation of drawing. It is all about seeing and thinking. It all begins in the eyes and the mind.

You need to respect and view your subject, settle on a composition and make visual notes about it. Identify your subject effortlessly when your brain is running fast, exploring ideas or your eyes are traveling across your subject.

Artists put his emotions

Watercolor painting is considered as a master medium. On that point is something about watercolor that attracts everyone’s wide interest. The watercolor painting can serve the magic from spilled wet wash to detailed dry brush effect which no other medium can.Artists put his emotions into the painting where the pigments of watercolor play its major role in delivers the output.


In Hues of watercolor 9th edition – 3days structured Watercolor painting workshop in Bangalore, the artist puts his thoughts on ‘Why sketching?’, ‘Why Watercolor?’ through his demos with foundations on drawing the landscapes, Still life & portrait.

Watercolor is such a medium, which may appear simple in execution; but, the same take years to be perfect.

This is a 3-day Watercolor painting workshop will be apt for beginners – Intermediate watercolor enthusiasts.  Lessons & exercises are designed to expand and improve drawing and watercolor painting skills.

The registration fee will be 7500/- INR and it will be inclusive of basic art material worth 1000/- & snacks.

Limited 15 Seats

BOOK NOW: http://colorinstudio.com/product/hues-watercolor-9th-edition-sadhu-aliyur-ckp/

Register yourself here: http://eepurl.com/chFA6f

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