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Hues of Watercolor – Watercolor Painting Workshops

It is said ‘as the sun shines to color the flowers so does art colors life. Hues of watercolor – watercolor painting workshops is an initiative from Coloring India Foundation. Composed of creative fine artists, to spread the hues of art amongst the human ecosystem. Art is a beautiful emotion that connects the artist with himself, he sketches and paints his emotions realizing how beautiful his life is. Hues of watercolor workshop is also a tripping workshop, yes you heard it right, when it comes to art we are nomads who are desired to spread the fever of art in every nook and corner of the universe.


Hues of Watercolor is a organized and structured art workshop. Which not only helps you to initiate a desire for art but also teaches you to play by the rules of art. 3 or 2-day art madness rushing you through the world different mediums of art. Measure & let your creative inclinations wake up from a long hibernation. Gives you the confidence and the guidance to let it shine throughout. Hues of watercolor have gathered world-renowned artists for the art aspirants attending the workshop. Naming few are Sadhu Aliyur, Milind Mulick, and Vasudeo Kamath. These gems are art travelers who travel around with the Hues of watercolor to give an insight into art, its nature and the effects it has on an individual.


Hues of watercolor – watercolor painting workshops are a valuable run through the workshop which is not limited to particular place or participant. While it’s a open gate to all the art passionate and aspirants who has realized an emotional connect with colors and pencils. So, the workshop is conducted in different beautiful cities under the guidance of different renowned artists. Spreading and enlightening the participants with the value of greys, an impression of line, identity of colors and capability of compositions. Learning art is not an easy task. But, with a strong will and dedication, one can understand the beauty of art, its healing power, and alluring nature.

The problem solvers

Hues of watercolor – watercolor painting workshops series encompasses a vivid teaching method. Art toddlers to gain motivation and confidence to continue with their passion without any hesitation. Therefore, the workshop is a platform where all the art related queries are solved by most experienced and learned art experts. The 3 day or 2dat art tour not only teaches the rules of art but also engraves the importance of art in the minds of the participants. Being amongst the artist group builds confidence and suppresses the test score pressure face by the individual.

Around India

Hues of watercolor – watercolor painting workshops series have successfully conducted in Mahe, Hampi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Crossing the mentioned milestones Hues of the watercolor workshop has proven to be a benefit not only to the participants but also the team. It teaches you the diverse cultural differences, the perception of art in different cities. The acceptance of art and creativity and the struggles faced by the art aspirants convincing the importance of art. Hence, we are a proud team standing sturdy without any hindrances. And spreading the splashes of art and its importance amongst the tech-savvy competitive world.

Therefore coming up next: Hues of Watercolor 12th Edition by Milind Mulick


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