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Story of Oil Color- oil painting workshop

Coloring India Foundation’s Story of Oil Color– oil painting workshop series witnessed the art lovers from Bengaluru and across the urban center. Participants marveled over the beauty and attractiveness of the paintings being done live and learning under the expert direction of renowned artist Shri S Elayaraja. Elayaraja is a realistic oil painting artist from Tamil Nadu, India. The paintings of women in the rustic environment of South India, artist S Elayaraja have brought out various facets of the these women in oil works.

Oil Painting workshop series

Story of Oil Color – Oil Painting workshop series is another art gesture from the Coloring India Foundation. With the artist S Elayaraja the 2day structured oil painting workshop took place in the Government Arts College Bengaluru.

The 2 day structured oil painting workshop in Bengaluru – Story of Oil colors was built for the art enthusiasts who always desired to take the basics of Oils and also for the ones who wanted to experience the handling of the oil medium in a professional fashion. The oil painting workshop formed the perfect platform for the participants to learn, build and ground their skills and knowledge in art and in oil colors.

Dravidian women paintings 

Story of oil Color – Oil painting workshop was a drive from the basics ranging from what materials to buy their usage to the expert techniques used by eminent artists, under the guidance and experienced skills of S Elayaraja. Artist S Elayaraja’s paintings on Dravidian women has attracted hordes of many visitors and appreciates all across the globe. Artist S Elayaraja is hailed by art fans for his traditional and realistic manner.

Story of Oil colors – Oil Painting workshop series was inaugurated by Shri S Elayaraja in Government Arts College Bengaluru. Artist S Elayaraja’s paintings are perfectly beautiful. His paintings will capture the Tamilian face absolutely to the core, the Dravidian face. Especially the typical woman in the rural fields and he has captured them in several modes and diverse actions. Elayaraja’s paintings are inspired by real life characters as the artist first photographs these women before depicting them on canvas.

Fundaments first 

The oil painting workshop  began with the basic and important fundamentals of drawing, anatomy of the faces of humans, understanding the use of color, lights, ways of handling the brush and making beautiful artwork pieces. Sketching plays a really significant role in art as it aids in determining the values of an object, it is a technique which is applied to define the objects in the initial stages which are further built up into art pieces.

Step by Step Learning 

Step by step instruction by master was helping the participants to spread oil on the canvas to sculpt a beautiful female portrait in hours of time. Artist S Elayaraja was explaining the depth of the oil color medium in the story of oil color- oil painting workshop which was kept back at Government Arts College Bengaluru.

The first day of the oil painting workshop was composed of learning the basics of portrait, human anatomy, the rules to follow and learning the right techniques, followed by step by step demo by the expert and practice by the participants simultaneously.

A beautiful South Indian lady draped an orange silk saree was sitting on the chair and posing with the calm mood and the smile. That’s all! We had the model for the 2nd day of Oil painting workshop. Artist S Elayaraja was painting the model live on a big canvas with the oil colors to create that beautiful painting. The participants later was painting the same with the guidance of the master.

Avid knowledge shared 

The participants found the oil painting workshop productive as it helped them to acknowledge the importance and rules applied while sketching and oil painting within a limited span of 2 days. Along with the learning they were able to solve the quires they faced by interacting with the artist Shri S Elayaraja. As we wrap off the oil painting workshop, the participants were overwhelmed by the support and learning they were able to grasp during the 2 days.

Connect Your Fine Arts Dots

We Coloring India Foundation aim to deliver the best to the art filed to connect the fine art dots. Contact us for the more workshops. Keep visiting the site.

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