Insights of  Hues of Watercolor  fine arts workshop:

Coloring India holds structured fine arts workshop in and around Bangalore that allows art lovers to have the opportunity to draw and paint outdoors under the professional guidance from great artists. At the end of the workshop, we make sure you have enhanced your own personal painting style and skills to the next level.

Workshop agenda<

  • How to develop the drawing skills, how it’s necessary for a final output
  • Basics of watercolor-like, color mixing, different tones, how to use the brushes and papers
  • Demonstration of paintings with minimum palette (Using 2/3 colors)
  • Live outdoor session to paint with the use of sunlight and shadows.

Fine arts workshop 

Hues of Watercolor- 2; the watercolor workshops series was conducted on 17th and 18th of Oct-15 in Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore. Artist, Shri. Sadhu Aliyur was teaching simple yet easy to learn steps which appeal to beginners as well as seasoned artists looking for refresh inspiration and insights into new ways of looking the things.

What you get

During watercolor workshops, students have learned the clear explanations about the watercolor medium and reasons behind the artistic decisions and a step by step demonstrations. Participants have also learned to get a beautiful brushwork in watercolor from the live view.

Why should you attend? 

The Sadhu Aliyur’s Watercolor workshops basically to inspire and motivate in a fun, fast-paced workshop. The curator has mastery of watercolor brushwork. The curator has brought a fresh and lively scenes on the paper. He is also the best teacher to learn watercolor painting from the basics if you are a beginner! Since we have seen him doing the flow – sketching – color theory – composition by step by step; not just demonstrations.

Read full workshop recap here 

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