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Watercolor painting workshop in Chennai

Famous watercolorist  Sadhu Aliyur spent 3 days teaching from the basic sketching to professional touch in watercolor painting workshop in Chennai.


Sadhur Aliyur is a unique artist, he is known to capture the essence of the painting in just a few strokes and dabs. He can turn the ordinary scene into an explicit painting. He had more than 28 exhibits for his collections, which are different under each subject. Also, he is well recognized in other countries for his dedication to watercolor painting.
For the Hues of Watercolour 11th edition watercolor painting workshop in Chennai, Sadhu Aliyur was invited by the Coloring Foundation. He made sure the workshop is useful for the participants by breaking down the demonstration into 3 days. On the first day, there was a brief speech about him to the participants to get comfortable with his teaching and to build the understanding of the interaction.


Sketch plays an important role initially to define the objects and to highlight them if necessary. At  Hues of watercolor 11th edition Watercolor Painting Workshop in Chennai Sri. Sadhu Aliyur made sure everyone was on the same page in understanding the basic outline for the painting, rules to be followed and the techniques to make it look professional. The art materials were provided by the Hues of Watercolour team to the participants for which was initially paid. Sadhu Aliyur simultaneously showed the participants how it is done.


Then the next day would be the favorite day for the color lovers. Sadhu Aliyur taught the participants to use the colors in different shades along with the minimal composition of colors to be used in the palette. He used the monochromatic method to show the emotions in a single color. The participants were overwhelmed by these techniques since it was easy to grasp.


Nageshwara Rao Park, Mylapore was the next day’s outdoor spot. There, Sadhu Aliyur demonstrated the live painting for the participants, which encouraged them to follow his advice and guidance throughout the session. They were taught to use the right composition of the colors and to follow the basic sketching rules.

On the end of the third day, the participants were glad that they learned a lot in 3 days. They had one-on-one interaction with him; he answered all their queries without neglecting. The three days were fulfilled for the participants by Sadhu Aliyur as he taught a lot of new techniques and tips for their practice.

“Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect” – Vince Lombardi

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