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Fine Arts, a field of art which was primarily developed for aesthetics and beauty, but in todays time many people want to learn fine arts but because of Covid-19 are not able to do it, so why not learn fine arts online!

Fine arts are distinguished from decorative or applied art as it is developed for aesthetics and beauty. And when we talk about history, fine arts are of five main types, painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry.

And in today’s modern world, fine arts also include additional modern forms, which are film, photography, video production/editing, design and conceptual art. And you can also learn fine arts online too nowadays.

Fine arts is a field that is judged for its beauty and meaningfulness. And when a consumer of the art was concerned it requires a refined judgement for the perception of aesthetic qualities which is usually referred to as having a good taste and is what differentiated fine arts from other popular art and entertainment.

Now, it’s not necessary that you have to go to the classroom and study, as because of Covid-19, we have become very familiar with the online classes and it is helping us a lot in many aspects, especially the ones who can’t learn something new because of their hectic schedule. So, they can’t go physically to a place to study.

But don’t you worry, Pencil Tuts is a great place to learn fine arts online! And here you can build your artistic skills from anywhere in the world, whether it’s your home, workspace, or any other place.

Benefits provided by Pencil Tuts when you learn fine arts online from them:

  • Learn the essential skills- When you learn fine arts online, don’t be worried about skill development as many think that proper skill development would not occur when you learn online.

But in Pencil Tuts, proper guidance would be provided and skills would be developed and nourished.

  • Earn certificates and recommendations: Certificates and recommendations play a major role, when you are entering the world to earn money and to showcase your talent. For every person, certificates and recommendations lead them to make their own identity.
  • Upskill your talent: People have talent within themselves but they need good guidance to nurture and shape their talent in a perfect way. So that their talent can be used in the most useful way which would lead them to make their own specific identity in the world.
  • Master in Visual arts: Visual arts are different kinds of art forms which would include various forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics design, craft, photography, etcetera. And you can be a master in visual arts through Pencil tuts when you learn fine arts online.

The courses offered to Master in visual arts online:

Different well-known artists and educational experts are there to help you as for art and design aspirants it’s a unique learning platform, where you can learn various new courses in a short time span with minimum charges and best guidance.

Courses available are:

  • Portrait Painting Demo: Real-time by Vasudeo Kamath
  • Watercolour painting demo by artist late. Sadhu Aliyur
  • Conceptual Watercolour painting Demo by Vasudeo Kamath
  • Specialization in Kalamkari Painting
  • Head Study- Demo by Late Artist S. Elayaraja
  • Conceptual watercolour painting by Vasudeo Kamath – Time Lapse
  • Landscape painting Demo by Vasudeo Kamath
  • Portrait Painting Demo by Artist Elayaraja- Life painting
  • Portrait painting Demo- Vasudeo Kamath | Time Lapse
  • Creative Portrait Painting demo by Elayaraja – Time Lapse

When you learn fine arts online from Pencil Tuts you would be able to learn Indian Folk Arts and you would learn these folk arts through various authentic methods and you would learn these from India’s best specialist professional artists.

And you would be getting all the amazing demos which are performed by India’s legendary artists.  So, you would get to learn much more new things from these demos.

Various new lessons for handicrafts are introduced, and the methods are quite simple and unique so your craft skills would be brushed up.

So, enrol yourself now and learn fine arts online from your place. Pencil tuts offer you the best guidance and courses and help you to learn various new things to shape your future in the brightest way.

Rang De Bharat Chitrakala Kshetra is the place where you can learn all the different courses and dive into the beautiful artistic world!

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